Dr. Peter Ebsen

Carbon Finance Lawyer (GER)

One of my focus areas is to analyse what a credible,
rational, effective and efficient transition to Net-Zero might look like for the world. An important aspect of this analysis is to determine what specifications a carbon credit based product needs to fulfil so that companies can use it with full confidence alongside their abatement activities as part of their Net-Zero transition.

The climate issue comes down to an excess of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere. Our task as society is to clean it up and get it back to the levels of 100 years ago. This requires lowering the flows of GHG into the atmosphere and increasing the flows of GHG out of the atmosphere until the latter exceeds the former.

If we are to succeed in this massive undertaking, we must mobilise all available solutions including a wide range of abatement actions and carbon removals.