Rebalancing the world through nature-based carbon removal

Around the world, countries and companies are committing to and pursuing ambitious climate change strategies that include net-zero carbon pledges. Achieving these climate targets with environmental, social and economic integrity requires a willingness to tackle the challenges that lie ahead and deploy durable climate change solutions.

SilviCarbon accelerates sustainable pathways to net-zero outcomes by actively seeking out, investing in and efficiently servicing nature-based carbon removal projects.

SilviCarbon is about long-term carbon market solutions

As a global leader in nature-based Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDRs), SilviCarbon brings together reforestation projects and carbon market participants to remove carbon from the atmosphere for the long- term. We see this as an effective way of creating meaningful impact and addressing the urgency of climate change. By building a bridge between forestry and today’s carbon market experts, we are paving a direct route to advancing our shared mission of rebalancing our world’s climate.

There is an increasingly large potential to convert segments of degraded land into large-scale plantations and agro-forestry projects that improve local biodiversity, and create long-lasting social and economic benefits. Planting 100,000 ha of forest will remove and store 20m tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, which is equal to the emissions from 4 million cars over a year. It will also generate thousands of jobs, improve biodiversity, avoid deforestation, and lay a solid foundation for the bio-based economy.

SilviCarbon’s four founders have initiated and managed hundreds of carbon projects, explored over a hundred forestry locations and have been involved in and responsible for dozens of forestry projects. We combine our extensive experience in plantations, forestry products and carbon markets to develop carbon financing solutions for large-scale forestry projects, and provide carbon removals to companies seeking to meet their net zero climate targets.


SilviCarbon has a portfolio of CDR’s from large-scale forestry, agro-forestry and agricultural solutions that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in a steadily increasing volume of living biomass, like trees, living soil, root systems and undergrowth. By creating partnerships with organisations who share our vision and engaging with local communities, we can create meaningful change for our planet and society.

Collaborative carbon removal for the planet
With an abundance of expertise in carbon, forestry and agro-forestry markets, SilviCarbon purposefully selects and participates in scalable afforestation, reforestation and regenerative farming projects that provide tangible economic and social benefits. Engaging in projects that have a clear view of the longer-term investment horizon is a key pillar in our approach. Only when investors, project developers and local communities come together around a joint interest in the sustainability of a project will they be able to reap the long term benefits of their collaboration.

Our approach to accessible carbon removal rights

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Select nature based solution projects that sustainably remove carbon from the atmosphere: finding the right locations, engaging with the right existing projects and partners.

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Create a plan around how best to design, monitor and monetize carbon and other SDG assets.

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Support the development of the project by providing carbon-backed finance solutions.

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Supply Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDRs) to companies with a clear net-zero target and enable them to successfully achieve it.

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Doing is the best way of thinking

“Limiting global warming to 1.5C would require global net human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide to fall by about 45% from 2010 levels by 2030, reaching 'net-zero' around 2050”

Agro-forestry case study – Burapha

Laos is one of the fastest growing Southeast Asian economies. As a country, Laos is highly determined to tackle climate change and it was one of the first ASEAN countries to ratify the Paris Agreement. Most of Laos’ CO2 emissions are the result of deforestation and forest degradation, with illegal harvesting of timber and slash-and-burn agriculture being dominant contributors.

In order to reverse on this trend, Burapha Agroforestry builds state-of-the-art agroforestry plantations on degraded land in former slash-and-burn zones. This restores the carbon removal potential of the degraded land and provides an attractive, environmentally and economically sustainable alternative to subsistence slash-and-burn farmers, and it creates a source of sustainable timber that replaces illegally logged timber, therefore protecting natural forests.

The Agroforestry model developed by Burapha for many years has now proven to be a great success. More information on Burapha can be found at:

Chasing meaningful goals together

By working with SilviCarbon you will put in place a highly optimised nature-based carbon removal solution that allows you to successfully pursue your net-zero carbon strategy. Together we will increase your capacity for Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDRs) so that you can deliver on your net-zero target all the while working together to rebalance the world.

Effective nature-based CDR projects create their own value over time by enhancing reforestation efforts and increasing deteriorated land conversion into regenerative farming, which in turn removes and stores progressively more carbon from the atmosphere.

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