Carl-Johan Krigström

Head of Forestry (SWE)

Our world class knowledge in carbon and forestry offers SilviCarbon unique opportunities to bridge the gap between nature-based carbon removals and corporations that are committed to Net-Zero. 

We selected Laos and Paraguay as our main carbon activity hubs following a global scouting exercise conducted between 2010-2012. Out of 100+ locations evaluated, Paraguay and Laos were identified as the best locations for large-scale timber plantations with the highest carbon sequestration potential. 

We focus on nature-based solutions because there is currently no other deployable carbon removal technology that can have a meaningful impact at a reasonable cost. Nature has perfected the process of capturing COover hundreds of millions of years of evolution and we are unlikely to see a technology more efficient in this process for some time.

In addition, our nature-based CDRs also come with valuable co-benefits such as poverty reduction, social development, increased biodiversity, protection of natural forest, improved soil and water and more.