Rebalancing the world through nature-based carbon removal


Around the world, countries and companies are committing to and pursuing ambitious climate change strategies that include net-zero carbon pledges. 

Achieving these climate targets with environmental, social and economic integrity requires a willingness to tackle the challenges that lie ahead and deploy durable climate change solutions.

SilviCarbon accelerates sustainable pathways to net-zero outcomes by working together with nature-based carbon removal projects to deliver high quality removals at a large scale. 

What we do

SilviCarbon helps to deliver nature-based carbon removals by actively seeking out, investing in and efficiently servicing forestry projects that plant trees on degraded lands.

We draw on our deep knowledge and expertise in carbon markets, forestry and investment banking to provide our customers with effective carbon solutions.

Financing and Investment

SilviCarbon uses its vast network to connect investors and buyers of carbon credits with forestry projects to secure funding. We mediate the negotiations and find the best possible solutions for all parties to enable rapid project development.

- Organise funding for carbon projects
- Access to a vast network of major carbon investors
- Bridge the gap between land-owners and overseas investors

Carbon Asset Management

We optimise the value of a project’s natural assets by advising on the best forestry practices. We also take care of the entire carbon credit issuance process, so that our customers can focus on the operation of their project.

- Optimise carbon revenues with advice on best forestry practices
- Responsible for all stages in Verra process to generate carbon credits


SCALA is fully owned and run by SilviCarbon. As our flagship project, SCALA sets the highest standard of ESG principles. SCALA demonstrates our capacity to cover all bases necessary for a successful and sustainable carbon project.

- SilviCarbon has a proprietary project in Laos
- Flagship project setting the highest ESG standards
- Practical expertise in managing carbon projects


GtCO2 removed per year by 2030

IPCC Target

GtCO2 total AFOLU removals
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SilviCarbon Target

MtCO2 estimated removals from projects

Integrated carbon solutions

Our team has world-leading knowledge in carbon markets and forestry with extensive practical experience.

We provide guidance on all aspects of carbon-forestry projects: a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

This makes us the ideal partner for any landowner or project developer navigating the carbon landscape.

We anticipate challenges to save costs and avoid risks.

Expertise from end-to-end

SilviCarbon will take care of the entire Verra process to get your carbon credits issued. 

Our process

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Select nature-based solution projects that sustainably remove carbon from the atmosphere: finding the right locations, engaging with the right existing projects and partners.

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Create a plan around how best to design, monitor and monetize carbon and other SDG assets.

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Support the development of the project by providing carbon-backed finance solutions.

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Supply Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDRs) to companies with a clear net-zero target and enable them to successfully achieve it.

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Let’s get in touch

Want to find out more about how you can lower your carbon footprint and explore realistic pathways to meet your net-zero target? We can’t wait to explore the possibilities of how we can rebalance the world together. Drop us an email at or fill in the form below.