About us

SilviCarbon has a highly diverse team that is spread around the world. We work across multiple time zones which makes us adaptable to rapidly developing situations. We have boots on the ground near all of our operations, enabling us to take a hands-on approach while collaborating closely across four different continents.

Our diverse backgrounds and locations combined with our ability to collaborate closely allows us to effectively tackle multifaceted challenges, which are characteristic of forestry-carbon projects. We pride ourselves in navigating difficult environments and finding optimal solutions to complex issues, delivering only the best results to our clients.

The Team

Michael Knap

Head of Team

Michael has over 25 years’ experience in the forest sector and over 10 years in private equity, carbon development and the energy transition.

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Dr. Peter Ebsen

Carbon finance lawyer

Peter is highly experienced in helping organisations transition towards net-zero in a way that is climate radical, business friendly and socially just.

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Jan-Willem Martens

Carbon market expert

Jan-Willem is one of the top global experts in carbon markets, with extensive experience in carbon policy, carbon finance and carbon project certification.

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Carl Johan Krigström

Forestry project developer

Carl Johan has a deep background in forestry and investment banking, and was responsible for identifying the best locations for large scale timber plantations.

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Belinda Kinkead

Head of Carbon

Belinda has more than 20 years of industry experience in carbon markets, sustainable energy and climate finance.

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Thurstan Wright

Senior Carbon Expert

Thurstan is a senior carbon expert who has worked within a variety of top tier academic, non-profit and corporate settings.

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Luis Garcia da Silva

Carbon Specialist

Luis has more than 6 years of industry experience in risk management, trading and investments.

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Helena Axelsson

Project Manager

Helena has worked for forestry companies in Laos since 2007 and was part of the Stora Enso agroforestry team.

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Yolanda Granada

Project Manager

Yolanda has over 10 years of experience in the Paraguayan forestry sector, covering conservation, plantations, and local wood industries.

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Jouke Dröge

Marketing Manager

Jouke has background knowledge in carbon and experience with marketing and communications in the sustainable energy sector.

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Tom Rowe

Head of Carbon VARO Energy

Tom is the VARO Energy representative at SilviCarbon, ensuring that the two parties are aligned and that their synergy is optimised.

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